Energy Bootcamp: Our signature workout will work your entire body, combining dumbbells, body weight exercises, stair climbing, stationary bicycles and stretching into 60 minutes. A typical class could have you on the stationary bike for 12 minutes, then working with dumbbells for 12 minutes, back on the stationary bike for 12 minutes and then doing 12 minutes of exercises with a weighted medicine ball. The class can also be segmented into 5 minute or 30 minute sections. The class finishes with core strengthening and some relaxing stretches. We offer a unique class each day of the week to target different areas of the body. Our targeted body part workout days are:

Mondays: Upper Body (chest, back, arms and abs)
Tuesdays: Lower Body (legs and butt)
Wednesdays: Core
Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays: Full Body

As always, we utilize a combination of upbeat music and combination moves to keep things fresh. No two workouts are the same. Switch up your days to target specific body parts or round out your existing workouts!

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