What can I expect from an Energy Bootcamp class?
Burn up to 1000 calories in 60 minutes! Music that makes you want to move, a vibrant setting and an effective workout. The program utilizes a combination of free weights, medicine balls, TRX and plain old bodyweight. A typical class could have you on the stationary bike for 12 minutes, then working with dumbbells for 12 minutes, back on the stationary bike for 12 minutes and then doing 12 minutes of exercises with a weighted medicine ball. The class finishes with core strengthening and some relaxing stretches. With amazing lighting, and the city’s most inspirational trainers, the Energy experience is unlike any other.

Are Energy Bootcamp classes suitable for beginners?
Absolutely! Our classes are interval-based, which means we encourage you to work at your maximum effort for set periods of time. You can vary the resistance on the stationary bicycle, the weight of the dumbbells you use and the number of reps you perform to match your fitness level. We also offer modifications of exercises for beginners or those with injuries. We just ask that you try to do a little more each class so you keep seeing those results!

How do I get started?
1. Call or email us to (+668-6333-9533 or [email protected]) to reserve a class
2. Buy a class, a class package or a membership
3. Go to class and HAVE FUN!

How much is my membership fee?
Zero! That’s right, we do not have an annual membership fee. All of our clients pay per class. Clients are encouraged to buy class packages of 5 to 20 classes to take advantage of great discounts. We also offer monthly and weekly memberships for those who visit us frequently.

How do I sign up for a class?
Visit our reservations page on our website and submit the form.

How far in advance do I have to cancel a class?
Please email us at [email protected] to cancel your class reservation 12 hours before your class or you will forfeit your class.

What happens if I fail to show up for a class I’ve reserved?
If you fail to show up for a class you’ve reserved, you will forfeit one class from your package or voucher.

What happens when I get to the studio?
Please try to arrive 5-10 minutes early to your first class and let the front desk know it’s your first visit. An Energy staff member will give you a brief orientation to get you ready. You will need to sign a waiver prior to working out.

Are classes transferable?
Yes. Classes are transferable if you buy our class packages.

Do my class packages expire?
Yes. The validation period varies by class package.

Will the Energy bootcamp classes make me look bulky?
No. The Energy bootcamp classes are specifically designed to tone your body, burn fat and improve flexibility. Bodies are sculpted and metabolisms are boosted.

Can I buy a gift card for a friend?
Yes! Gift cards can be purchased at our front desk.

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