If you do not see a time slot that suits your schedule, please email us which days and times work for you. We will do our best to add classes that best suit everyone’s schedule. Schedules will be updated on a regular basis as we determine the time slots that best suit everyone’s needs. Stay tuned!
Reservations are required!
Schedule for November 4th – November 9th (Schedule may change without prior notice):

Energy PumpCamp: Our signature workout will work your entire body, combining strength training, spinning intervals and flexibility exercises into one 60-minute class. We will use a variety of equipment and body weight exercises to tone your body and burn fat. We offer a unique class each day of the week to target different areas of the body to ensure you receive a well-rounded workout. Here is our daily-targeted body workout breakdown: Core, Arms & Chest, Shoulders & Back, Legs & Butt, and Full Body.

Energy TRX:Similar to our Pump workout, you will perform all TRX exercises for the strength training segment of the workout. The rest of the workout follows our unique Energy Pump formula. This is another great class to get you firm, lean and toned.

Energy DanZ: Get ready to dance. A fun and exciting 60-minute cardio dance class packed with a variety of dance styles to help you burn fat. This is a great class to get lean and learn some dance moves. Our music and exceptional instructors will ensure you have a fun and inspiring workout.

Energy Fusion: Get ready to energize and go Zen. This innovative class incorporates the best mat Pilates and Yoga exercises with a perfect mix of cardio training to ensure you get a great workout and a good stretch.

Energy Boxing: Coming Soon!!

Community Class: Looking to add an extra class to your weekly routine? We offer FREE 45 minute classes as a special training event. Check our specials area (under classes tab) on our website regularly for upcoming class times. So come take a class on us and cheer on our newest instructors as they deliver you their best routine.

Stay tuned as we add more programs and classes to our schedule!

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